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Directory of bad profiles, including fake profiles, bots or AI, and fake news

Bad Profile (noun):  fraud, misinformation or an unpleasant, annoying, or deceptive person (any gender or organization) at any website (for example Facebook, Metaverse, Twitter, BlackPlanet, OkCupid, Tinder, Match, Myspace, PlentyofFish, Craigslist, SecondLife, LinkedIn, etc)

Disclaimer:  If you feel you or a community is in danger because of what you have seen at a profile or a message you have read, contact local law enforcement.  StopBadProfiles (SBP) hopes to make the World Wide Web or Internet safer and more enjoyable by being designed to warn of websites or bad or fake profiles on the Internet, for example at social networks.  All information on StopBadProfiles is opinion.  The comments on StopBadProfiles refer to online names and are not considered reflections of the users of the names in their day to day lives away from the Internet.  The opinions on StopBadProfiles are solely the opinions of visitors to StopBadProfiles and are not the opinions of StopBadProfiles staff.

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